Mapping of clusters and ecosystem, strengths and needs

Submitted by Mémona DALICHAMPT on 06 July 2022

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In order to set up the strategic partnership activities related to the issues of security, quality and authenticity that the AURORA project carries, we have conducted out an interregional mapping of the main competences and interests of the consortium members.

To do so, we have highlighted the application areas in which we can evolve thanks to the internal expertise and consultation of each cluster.

The methodology we used to capture the interests and competences of the consortium was first to gather and identify the characteristics and issues of each region.

In this way, we were then able to define a set of topics and associated issues. Finally, we produced a number of different mappings describing the key objectives of each partner. In this way, our results show 3 main areas of shared priority interest:

  • Nutrition and health, in terms of personalised nutrition and alternative proteins
  • Food authenticity, in terms of traceability of products through labels and Fraud prevention
  • Sustainable food chain, in terms of food product system and contribution to climate change

In addition, two technical issues related to food safety are considered as priorities:

  • Logistics and supply
  • Packaging

The review of this mapping reveals the directions that the AURORA project may take and the themes on which the consortium wishes to work in priority.

Consequently, our cartographic analysis will be used to give to the beneficiary companies of the project the most relevant perspectives in terms of European partnerships and exploratory missions. Indeed, the aim of this interregional mapping is to give a global view of the needs and challenges specific to each territory in order to provide practical and tangible innovation opportunities.

However, priorities and directions may change and evolve over time. We cover the whole food chain and innovation solutions at interregional level. The mapping and the results here represent a view that will be developed through the design of the AURORA project.

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