Mapping the Beauty Industry situation in the world: Feedback on 3 dedicated webinars by Global Cosmetics Cluster

Submitted by Ségolène LELOUTRE on 07 May 2020

Global Cosmetics Cluster, the first international cluster network dedicated to innovation in cosmetics, is analyzing the current situation of the cosmetics industry around the world, sharing the knowledge of their 25 members in 15 countries. A series of online expert meetings have been holding to analyze the current situation in each country with key stakeholders in the market, covering topics such as:

  • What is the position of the cosmetic industry in each country?
  • What is the actual situation due to COVID-19?
  • How are the clusters mobilizing their network to find solutions to support the response to the crisis, particularly in terms of sanitizer production and economic actions?

Coronavirus is changing the rules of the game and has an unprecedented impact on all countries. However, the impact on each country is in different stages and that information can be very valuable to companies to help develop their strategy and for clusters to share experience and actions.

Mapping the Beauty Industry situation in Spain, Thailand and Morocco – April 24th

Ségolène Leloutre – International Partnerships Manager at Cosmetic Valley – Introducing GCC network

Ivan Borrego – General Manager at Beauty Cluster Barcelona – Introducing SPAIN

Dr. Prechakorn Suvannapen, Vice president of Thai Cosmetic Manufacturers Association and –

Honorary advicer Cosmetics Industry Club, Federal of Thai Industries – Introducing THAILAND

Kaoutar FILALI – General Manager at Cluster Menara – Introducing MOROCCO.

Jane Evison – Board member at Cosmetics Cluster UK – Brief update from UK

Mapping the Beauty Industry situation in France, Canada and UK – May 28th

Ivan Borrego and Ségolène Leloutre – Introducing the webinar and the GCC network

Julien Romestant – Economic Intelligence Director – Cosmetic Valley – Introducing FRANCE

Margarita Sidorova  – General Manager – Canadian Cosmetic Cluster – Introducing CANADA

Jane Evison – Board member – Cosmetic Cluster UK – Introducing UK

Mapping the Beauty Industry situation in Japan, Italy and China – June 23rd

Silvia Paro – Coordinator – Japan Cosmetic Center – Introducing JAPAN

Ivan Massari – Vice President – Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi – Introducing ITALY

Kris Fang – Head of Europe – China Beautéville – Introducing CHINA

Webinars have been registered, you can watch them and download speaker’s presentations : Contact us ! 

More about the Global Cosmetics Cluster:


The first international clusters network dedicated to innovation in cosmetics

It gathers 25 clusters from the entire cosmetics value chain on an international scale

What for?

  • To share good practices, and work on common projects
  • To benefit our member businesses and innovation dynamic and the cosmetics industry worldwide


International cluster collaboration

  • To develop the complementary nature of service offers of each participating cluster
  • To encourage the exchange of good practices and support the development of a global ecosystem of responsible and innovative companies active in cosmetics

The gateway to SME’s internationalization

  • To simplify the steps to globalization for the businesses belonging to Global Cosmetics Cluster

The international reference for cosmetics expertise

  • To take part in initiatives to safeguard traditional and existing skills and know-how
  • To facilitate relations between global stakeholders to promote their scientific expertise and complementarities
  • To encourage the development of a global ecosystem of innovating and responsible cosmetics businesses

èA network to boost international cooperation and hit new markets, to boost the international visibility and expertise of the companies, to access resources and knowledge


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