London ClusterXChange Report

Submitted by Lídia Morcillo… on 11 October 2022

London ClusterXChange Overview
The activities carried out during the exchange were mainly two. The first activity was the visit
to the Future Fabrics Expo. A showroom specialized in low-impact materials for the textile and
fashion sector. This first activity was divided into one day and a half. Firstly, they welcomed the
visitors from Catalonia, and they arranged a specific tour of the expo, so the visitors could be
able to know some specific suppliers. The expo also provided the visitors with seminars so they
could learn and listen to different proposals for material innovations and hear about the
present challenges in the fashion industry.
The second activity was a retail tour, this activity was also for one day and a half. This activity
was divided into three phases. The first part was a first presentation about the city and the
different aspects to visit in London. The second part of the day was the tour and visits to
different shops, spaces and innovative businesses around the central London area. When the
visitors finished the tour, they did a recap, so they could analyse together what they saw
regarding sustainable practices, claims and products. On the last day of the expedition, they
also did a tour, with the same phases. First, they did an exploratory ethnographic visit, so they
could see new targets and kinds of people. In the second phase, they went to visit a London
area where all little sustainable shops are emerging. Lastly, they merged all together so they
could talk about what they saw during the two days and thought about the different aspects
and new business models regarding sustainability and circular economy.

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