Latin America NRE mission is ready!

Submitted by Elisabeth Moli… on 04 November 2016

Latin America NRE mission is ready for boarding!

The participants, VEGEPOLYS, INNOSKART, FEMAC and AGROCLUSTER, will arrive to Mexico Sunday the 6th November. The program will begin on Monday with the visit of Langebio, the National Laboratory of Genomics for Vegetal and Microbial Biodivesity.

The following day, it is planned a visit to the Expo Agro Alimentaria in Irapuato. The Expo is the biggest exhibition in Mexico related to agriculture, horticulture and Agro industrial sector.

Wednesday the 9th the partners will move to Guadalajara where they will meet the Agropark in Queretaro. Agropark is the High-Tech Greenhouse Cluster. The objective of the visit is to know what they are doing and to compare the differences between European clusters and the Mexican ones.

An important visit will be, as well, with CIATEJ. CIATEJ is a public research center serving the agroindustrial sector through innovation and technological services and training human resources in order to help increase their competitive advantage in a global market, with products and innovative and quality services. This contact will be helpful for supporting the projects that will come up during the SMES commercial mission in 2017.

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