The latest developments in packaging connected to cosmetics, in the 5th Beauty Innovation Days

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 05 March 2020

Packaging Cluster has collaborated in the 5th Beauty Innovation Days as «Event Partners», where 3D Click, Decapulp, Encaja Bio and Quadpack have presented their most disruptive releases

For five years, the city of Barcelona has hosted the Beauty Innovation Days, an event organized by the Beauty Cluster Barcelona, to publicize all the innovation that is taking place in the beauty sector and that will mark the future of the industry. In the event, in which Packaging Cluster participated as an “Event Partner“, more than 250 national and international professionals attended on the 19th and 20th of February, 2020.

Global trends, the latest technologies and the most innovative tools have been collected in this fifth edition, with the presence of powerful brands that have presented their catalog of innovations. As collaborators of the Beauty Innovation Days, we attended the day starring our partners, who were invited as specialists in the category ” Beauty Innovation- Packaging & Design“.

The first person to present was Debora Alasraki, CEO of 3D Click, which explained how their online platform allows to co-design any type of packaging, in collaboration with the entire value chain, which reduces costs by avoiding mistakes and customize the product with the end customer. He presented different success stories in which they are working or have worked from 3D Click, as in the case of Packintube, also a member of the cluster.

Next, Imma Ramos, Commercial Management of Decapulp, has discovered how the company manufactures products tailored to the needs of its consumers, using raw materials, in line with the fundamental value that the entity defends: sustainability. They produce all kinds of packaging with raw materials such as cardboard and recovered paper.

The next member to exhibit was Encaja Bio, by the hand of Josep Mª Bosch and Elisabet Rodriguez, who showed the revolutionary film they have developed based on cellulose. This wrapper becomes compost in 12 weeks, if it is an uncontrolled environment, and 4 weeks, in a controlled environment. In EncajaBio they take care that each element within their production line is sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as their “craddle to craddle” inks.

Finally, Ruben Caño, Product Designer at Quadpack, showed us the latest release they have made, after months of work and reflection, which consists of a specific cosmetic jar, made from recycled PET. To do this, they have developed their own technique to design more empathically, in which they immerse themselves in a new lifestyle to understand the real needs of the people they work with, as well as their daily habits and the different ways of Use a product.

It is worth mentioning that, after the coffee break, the winning projects were awarded to the best packaging design connected to cosmetics, developed by students of the Universitat de Barcelona. In the first place, ZULA, a perfume container that is designed diagonally, so as not to waste anything; Ergonomically, it fits the hand and indicates where to put the perfume and contains a fabric of great resistance that allows you to smell the content without having to waste anything. In second position, FUSE, a product that analyzes your skin, transfers the data to an APP and creates your own personalized perfume, regardless of gender (binary). And in third place, RESET, a packaging to refill the shampoo, buying it in bulk, to avoid wasting useless containers.

These types of events are another excuse to know different case studies that can inspire us for projects in which we are immersed, to expand our network of contacts and actively collaborate with other clusters, with which we are directly related. It is also a platform that helps give visibility to our partners and explore new market niches.

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