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KAO Chimigraf organized an open innovation day –Kao Innovation Day-, on Thursday 14th of November, to present to their clients the revolutionary digital solutions that allow to add value to your printing and reduce machine stops. How? Through faster printing, more efficient management of short runs or customization of designs via Inkjet technology.

The presentation began with KAO Chimigraf‘s General Manager, Armand Marcé, who gave an overview of the company and its situation in the current context. Afterward, Juan Carlos Fernández, Technical Manager and part of R&D of KAO Chimigraf for more than 15 years, explained the operation of the technology called “Speed Digital Technology” and the method of the new inks developed by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, Satoshi Kunii, from KAO Corporation Japan, expressed his dedication to turning science into technology, with examples in the cosmetic sector as new compositions that adapt incredibly on surfaces as homogeneous as skin.

Inkject technology as an alternative was defended by Sean SmythAlternative Label Printing Technologies, which defined the different characteristics to be taken into account when choosing the technology to print certain formats, such as the number of runs, customization, type of image that we have to print or the time we have. Likewise, the new X-Bar monocolour printing machine with a reduced size and a higher printing speed was exhibited by Kao Collins, who has made the integral development.

Colordyne Technologies, with whom Kao Chimigraf has reached a partnership agreement in Europe, explained the technical characteristics of the four-color digital printing modules UV and Water thanks to a presentation by Mr. Taylor Buckthorpe. To close the conference circle, Dr. Kai K.O. Bär from Adphos spoke about drying systems for this type of technology.

In the afternoon, KAO Chimigraf inaugurated its new printing demonstration center at the Barberà del Vallès facilities and four-color printing was carried out on different substrates with Colordyne Tecnologies‘ 3600 digital modules and later monochrome printing with Kao Collins’ Xbar system.

Finally, the day concluded with a round table with all the speakers, were the questions that the attendees had about the machinery and technology explained during the day were resolved.

It is worth mentioning the trajectory of KAO Chimigraf in its commitment to innovation and quality since 1970, becoming a world reference in printing inks and varnishes. Last February it was awarded the bronze medal for Innovation for the UV LED ink for Roll to Roll, called CYCLONE, at the Remadays Warsaw (International Advertising and Printing Fair). More information here.

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