IoT4Industry OPEN CALL! 4million Euros are waiting for SMEs

Submitted by Guillaume Roux on 19 September 2018

IoT4Industry Launch in Turin , 14th September 2018: 4 million Euros are waiting for SMEs

On the 14th of September 2018, MESAP innovation Cluster hosted the INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES BEST PRACTICES & GRANTS (Centro Congressi Unione Industriale di Torino, Sala Piemonte Room). More than 200 people joined this event dedicated to the industry 4.0. Premises speeches were given by representatives of companies like Telecom, SKF and the MTC Manufacturing Technology Centre of Coventry (UK).

After Piedmont regional authorities‘ welcome, the event has been divided in 3 main sessions:

The first session was dedicated to a presentation on the Digital Strategy in Europe including the following topics: SMEs’ Digital Transformation and Growth; their Road to Digitalisation and the possible barriers encountered; the Trends and Needs in the European Ecosystem.

The second session was focused on the launch of the IoT4Industry “Call for Collaborative Projects”: IoT4Industry project is a 30 months initiative in the framework of H2020 offering 4 millions of Euro funding support (voucher scheme) for collaborative projects (feasibility study, prototyping, demonstration/pilot) and aims at fostering the collaboration between IoT solutions providers (sensors, communication, Big Data and AI, cybersecurity) and industrials (machine makers, robots, tools, factories).

Mrs Marialuisa Sanseverino of MESAP Innovation Cluster gave some comprehensive information on the call’s specifications and answered the different questions on the first CALL that officially opened on 20th September 2018 (until the 20th of December).

The third session in the afternoon was dedicated to B2B meetings. This was the opportunity for SMEs to find collaborative partners to participate to the call. The matchmaking continues on (innovation vouchers page) where until 20th October 2018 you can express your interest (EoI) and search for a collaborative partner and/or project design support.

The INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING TOWARDS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES BEST PRACTICES & GRANTS was part of a two-days event organized with DIA European Digital Industry Alliance and Silicon Europe Alliance to foster the digital transformation of SMEs.  On 13th September 2018, clusters visited the Olsa SpA plant in Rivoli (Turin), producing lightings for cars and trucks (rear lamps, dome lamps, number plate lights…). The company has now plants in Poland, Brazil, China and Mexico and technical and commercial offices in Germany and USA. During this visit, IoT4Industry clusters briefly described their competences and Olsa its Research and Innovation strategies, giving visitors an example of a road to the “iotisation” of its production.


 IoT4Industry first CALL : 20th September - 20th December 20th (17 CET)


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