Iot4Industry: ongoing activities and happy Holidays!

Submitted by Guillaume Roux on 17 December 2019

Iot4Industry: ongoing activities

A lot has happened within the Iot4Industry project: the second call closed in the summer with the submission of 96 proposals (+80% compared to the first call), 16 of which were funded, receiving  an overall grant of almost 1,5 million Euros. Selected projects included companies from 15 Member States and associated countries (Israel, Switzerland and Turkey). Moreover, 17 vertical sectors were addressed by the projects including metal working, automotive, aerospace, defense and food & beverage.

In September 2019, the clusters started to interview the companies which received funding through the 1st call (more details on: to do a mid-term review of the funded projects and talk about the planned activities.

Just to mention a few, MESAP organised a one-day meeting with 3 Italian companies presenting the 3 following projects:

TRICE (Novasis Innovazione), collaborating with JDEUS (part of the DENSO group) and aiming to develop an IoT smart sensing machine suited to log and store in-line process parameters of a production machine, especially an aluminum fin-forming machine in a heat exchanger assembly line.

 IoT4Nano (Circle Garage) aiming at providing technological improvement of equipment for production of nanofibrous materials through a hardware that allows continuous quality control and management of the manufacturing process and data storage; those data will be handled by tailor-made on-distance cloud-based integral solution that will allow to implement CRM system features, store the process data and offer remote control.

MYWAI4QM (Knowhedge) which aims at designing and piloting edge computing IoT appliances delivering highly secured and trusted artificial intelligence networks (ANNs) directly at the edge of the industrial production belt and workplaces.

At the end of November, the consortium met in Leuven (Belgium) for an internal meeting and grasped the opportunity to be in Belgium to meet 4 Belgian companies which presented the so far reached results:

FACTORY SENSE (Anakyn) offers a complete solution for Small and Medium Sized Companies, including detachable and versatile IoT sensors, a digital business dashboard and data analytics, with the necessary advisory and installation support

USGICA (COMMETO) Unidirectional Security Gateway for IoT Camera creates and tests an integrated system that allows the capture of signals from cameras located in highly protected industrial areas.

IoTPM (Beside) aims at developing a module to capture real time value of indexes (engine oil temperature, …) from construction vehicles,  send them via Bluetooth to the “mobinome” mobile app that will then forward it via GPRS to its own back office database. The Real time data captured will trigger predictive maintenance intervention through specific ≪ made by Mobinome ≫ algorithms.

EQUALITY (Verhaert) which aims at performing an advanced gas monitoring & impact assessment of pollutants on women during their pregnancy and lactation period from workers to guarantee safety and quality of work to promote work-life balance in chemical industry.

We would like to celebrate with you the Christmas Time with our IoT4Industry Newsletter!

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