The IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Accelerator reaches a new milestone with the graduation of the 2nd cohort of space tech startups

Submitted by Robert Cincu on 31 March 2021


After a very successful start of the acceleration programme, with a first cohort of 13 promising spacetech startups selected, the IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Project has now reached a new milestone with the graduation of the second cohort.

8 selected start-ups, in different stages of maturity, joined the second cohort of the IoT Tribe acceleration programme under the Space Endeavour Project in November 2020. Supported by mentors, as well as international knowledge leaders and expert speakers, the programme was tailored to each start-up’s specific profile, supporting them in developing the most reliable go-to-market strategies.

The second cohort of startups, at a glance:

  • ARX Alliance, enabling cyber-security across complex supply chains by linking together corporates and suppliers to create a single ‘cyber-security alliance’.
  • asvin, securing and safeguarding IoT devices from vulnerabilities, threats, and malicious attacks and maintaining IoT security.
  • FOSSA Systems, leading aerospace company developing picosatellites (satellites <1kg) for LEO services. It launched its first satellite FOSSASAT-1 in December 2019.
  • Geckomatics, mapping systems powered by Machine Learning to identify objects and position them accurately.
  • HD-Signs, hyperlocal logistic data for optimised route planning. Specialized in the manufacture of intelligent, autonomous and connected road infrastructures.
  • Latitudo 40, real-time urban planning data. Applying AI and machine learning to satellite imagery and geospatial data sets to offer powerful decision support tools.
  • Secapem, serving the aeronautics and defence industries and being opened up to engineering, while using explainable AI in Defence.
  • Madrid Space, engineering company which offers high quality solutions, in particular in the field of thermal engineering.

IoT Tribe Tech Games

The acceleration programme of the second cohort reached it’s grand finale in February 2021, in an online event, The IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Tech Games, where the companies had a chance to meet with international investors, corporate partners and other potential collaborators. 7 companies from the second cohort had a chance to showcase their innovative IoT and space technologies and interact with potential investors and collaborators in one-on-one sessions organized after the event.

The IoT Tribe Tech Games also featured insightful presentations and panel discussions on topics of the highest importance to the European context of the spacetech industry. Some of the guest speakers in the IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Tech Games included Frank Salzgeber (Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, ESA), Uli Fricke (CEO, FunderNation), Vincent Clot (Open and Business Innovation Leader, Thales Alenia Space France), Samantha Clark (Stakeholder and Content Lead, IoT Tribe), Shaun Stretton (Lead for Space Control and Information Solutions Sector, CGI), Tanya Suárez (Founder, IoT Tribe), John Spindler (AI Seed and CEO, Capital Enterprise) and many others.

Some exceptional results are already coming in for the companies of the second cohort.

  • WISeKey (Swiss-based cybersecurity, AI, and IoT company; NASDAQ: WKEY) has recently confirmed a strategic investment in Fossa Systems to develop a secure picosatellite platform, with the first launch scheduled for the end of this year.
  • In January 2021, ENRICH in the USA announced Geckomatics as winner of the CES 2021 All-Digital Funding Summit (category: Smart cities).
  • HD Signs has finalized an agreement with a department in France for the deployment of their innovative technologies in a pilot program and is now planning to scale at an European level as well.

Starting in April 2021, The Space Endeavour Project will be organizing a new series of Design Studios to find the promising spacetech companies for the third and final cohort of the IoT Tribe Acceleration Programme. At the end of the project, the startups in all three cohorts will be featured in a catalogue, highlighting the opportunities and results generated by the IoT Tribe Acceleration Programme. 

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IoT Tribe Space Endeavour is a project funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (GA 870480) and implemented through an international partnership of 5 organizations: BluSpecs, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, SAFE Cluster, CLUJ IT Cluster and University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

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