Interprofit begins to manage the communication of the Packaging Cluster to position the entity as a benchmark for Sustainability

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 03 March 2022

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The more than 100 member companies of the Packaging Cluster ( have decided to go a step further in their communication strategy by relying on the services of the Interprofit agency. The agreement represents a definitive commitment by the Cluster to enhance communication and give visibility to the multiple actions they promote. The first challenge of the communication strategy is to position the entity as a reference in the field of sustainability, which is based on the high involvement of its members in innovation projects aimed at the circular economy.  

In this sense, the purpose of the Cluster is to go ahead of the new models of consumption and production, in tune with the circular economy. Consumers are increasingly aware of the characteristics of the packaging and the effects of climate change, so it is essential to understand their consumption habits. The Cluster helps its associates to understand what is happening in the world in order to adapt as quickly as possible.

The collaboration between the two entities comes at a decisive moment for the sector, as some challenges are looming on the horizon that will completely reconfigure it. Especially with the arrival of European Next Generation funds, which will multiply by 7 the budget allocation for the development of projects. In this sense, the Cluster acts as an adviser through its projects office so that they are innovative and have an impact on a competitive improvement in the packaging sector.

Another of the key points within the aforementioned transformation is the presence of a changing legislative framework, with regulations such as the New Draft Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. At the national level, the Demographic Challenge must also be taken into account, which proposes disruptive changes that will affect a good part of the associated members of the Cluster. Finally, in Europe new guidelines are being established within the so-called Green DealThe Cluster is a key information point to better understand the new directives and adapt to them.


A cluster to improve the packaging ecosystem

The Packaging Cluster is a non-profit entity that was established in 2012 by Catalan companies and that today brings together nearly 120 active members between companies, knowledge centers and entities that cover the entire value chain of the packaging sector.

Specifically, the following sectors are represented: manufacturers of packaging and primary packaging; raw material and intermediate products; end user, packaging and distributors; machinery and peripheral manufacturers; robotics; automation and industry 4.0; designers, recyclers and circular economy; tertiary packaging and logistics; printing and graphic arts and, lastly, R+D+i and knowledge entities.

The main objective of the entity is to help the competitive improvement of the companies that comprise it, in order to be able to favorably face current challenges, the promotion of innovation and the improvement of environmental conditions.

This improvement is based on generating added value through knowledge and the development of new business opportunities. To this end, the Cluster works on five strategic axes: the development of innovation projects and new businesses; the promotion of specialized training and recruitment of talent; the international connection; market strategy and intelligence, and, finally, networking and business cooperation.


About Interprofit

Interprofit is a Strategic Communication consultancy with exemplary service, offering creative solutions to manage communication between brands and their audiences. We have our own offices in Madrid and Barcelona and a presence in Lisbon, Miami and Mexico. The agency has created its own network of collaborating agencies in Europe and in the world, which allows it to provide a comprehensive quality service in the main international markets.

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