Internationalisation Call

Submitted by Eduarda Pascoal on 16 May 2023


⚠️ The clock is ticking! You have until the 31st of May to apply and have the chance to get financial support for your organisation!

After presenting our Innovation, training and twin transformation call, it is time to introduce our Internationalisation Call - are you ready? Check the images for more information about each service: 

The process is simple, so why are you waiting to submit your application? If your organisation is linked to the Blue Economy sector, apply now - it is your chance to help green and digitalise our organisation and the sector!

➡️ Check the MedBAN public folder where you can have more information on how and why to apply:

Submit your application through the F6S platform until 31 May:
➡️ Internationalisation:
➡️ Innovation, training and twin transformation:

Navigate through green and digital transformations in the Mediterranean with MedBAN! ⛵

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Fórum Oceano 🇵🇹
Magellan Circle 🇵🇹
Pôle Mer Méditerranée 🇫🇷
Cluster BIG - Blue Italian Growth 🇮🇹
Federazione del Mare 🇮🇹
Strategis - Maritime ICT Cluster 🇬🇷
European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP)
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)
European Commission

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