InnORBIT project open call for innovation intermediary organisations to pilot space entrepreneurship support programmes

Submitted by Nektaria Berikou on 14 July 2022


InnORBIT, is a H2020 project that aims to promote space entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe through local space initiatives organised by innovation intermediary organisations such as clusters, digital innovation hubs, industry associations among others. The goal of InnORBIT space initiatives is to support space entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to commercialise their space products, services and solutions and find funding to reach the market. At the same time, innovation intermediaries strengthen the position in their local space ecosystems through new business support services for their local ecosystem actors. Corallia, the facilitator of si-cluster, is a consortium member of the project and responsible for the piloting of the InnORBIT space initiatives in Greece.

We pilot a train-the-trainers programme for business support organisations and innovation intermediaries with interest in space and we support them to organise and launch space initiatives to support their local start-ups, SMEs, innovators to develop activity in space. Local space initiatives may include space cafes, hackathons, incubators, accelerators among others. The initiatives are flexible and adapted to the specific needs of innovation intermediaries, their current activities as well as the maturity of their local space ecosystem. We also equip innovation intermediaries with a business support programme containing training material and services for their members and startups accessible through a Digital Toolbox.

Our open call for expression of interest is live. We invite you to register and book a call with the InnORBIT team, in which our partners will explain the whole procedure to you, step-by-step. You may also suggest other organisations which you think could benefit from our programme.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to receive more information about our open call or arrange a short session with us before expressing your interest.

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