The Industry 4.0. will be the transversal axis that will characterizes the sectorial study promoted by Packaging Cluster

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 18 March 2020

The Packaging Cluster and the Eurecat research center, with the support of ACCIÓ, will generate a diagnostic study on the current situation in Industry 4.0., to generate knowledge in the packaging sector

The members of Packaging Cluster will participate in the sector study on Industry 4.0., in every phase of the proposal, in the diagnosis, ideation, conceptualization and the design of this

Packaging Cluster will promote a sectoral diagnostic study in the conceptualization of 4.0 projects, thanks to the funding received through the call for Industry 4.0 coupons aids of ACCIÓ, together with Eurecat, who will be in charge of executing the service

Every year, the Packaging Cluster generates a sector study for the packaging industry, with the purpose of generating knowledge and value to the ecosystem and to the entire value chain of the cluster. In the last 4 years, it has opted for studies in different fields, providing sectorial knowledge, like: Strategic Update (2017), Digital Consumer Report (2018) and Shared Value Report (2019). On this occasion, the proposal is on Industry 4.0, involving members of the cluster to interview them and to co-design the ideation of the project, in order to have the most approximate information possible.

The aim of the thesis is the identification of opportunities and conceptualization of projects that incorporate technologies from Industry 4.0., so that the business model of the companies in the value chain of the packaging cluster does not become obsolete and adapt to current needs. It is about generating digital transformation plans and synergies between all the participating organizations, to improve the competitiveness of each of them and adapt the user experience to the new environment in which we find ourselves.

The construction process of the report will be made up of a first “diagnosis” phase, in which different members from the cluster will be interviewed, which is key in the matter that involves us, to identify the existing challenges and possible initiatives to carry out.

Secondly, the different opportunities for strategic change will be “devised” through creative methodologies such as the “Lego ® Serious Play ® Dynamics”, where the resources and capacities of current and future agents will be analyzed, synergies will be explored, opportunities for the incorporation of technology and actions will be identified to take advantage of the available resources.

Next, the initiatives collected in the previous phase will be “conceptualized” and the most viable ones will be selected through Visual Thinking. Multidisciplinary teams will be chosen to use creative tools for the development of the project and its co-creation, working on the selected proposals.

Finally, three tests from the previous selection will be “designed” as projects for the incorporation of 4.0 technologies, where they will be divided into three groups that will implement these proposals. Work sessions will be held to monitor the evolution of the projects and the results will be presented afterwards.

The aforementioned sector study is part of one of the entity’s fundamental values or purposes: the generation of knowledge in the packaging sector.

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