IMPACT Connected Car addresses the technical challenges of the connected and smart mobility in CTAG

Submitted by David Seoane on 17 June 2019

IMPACT Connected Car has brought together consortium members and startups to discuss at the Technological Bootcamp. The meeting took place on June 11, 12 and 13 at the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) in Vigo, technical coordinator of the European initiative.

The second open call, launched between July and October 2018, involved more than 214 startups and SMEs from 39 countries. Among the presented proposals, 25 projects were selected to entry the smartization programme which began with the Disruptive Bootcamp, first stage, held last february in Lublin (Poland) and organized by LPNT. Lastly, 18 startups entered the final acceleration stage.

The Technical Bootcamp was inaugurated by a keynote speech from Antonio Barciela, PSA Group, who highlighted current trends in the sector, such as, market divergence, shared mobility, CO2 emissions, connectivity, autonomy, digitization, and customer behavior. He also stressed the importance of 5G and its imminent influence over the paradigms of connected vehicles. This talk continued with a panel attended by: Jason Fox (Fiware), Francisco Luque (Ferrovial Services), Olivier Lenx (FIA Region I) and on behalf of CTAG: Gema Antequera, Francisco Sánchez and Raúl Urbano.

The Bootcamp included one-to-one sessions and speed meetings. The 18 participating startups pitched their projects before an expert panel comprised of the program coordinator (FBOX), business coaching leaders (ISDI), technical coaching providers (CTAG, INSERO, MOVEO and the AUTOKLASTR and LPNT clusters) and large corporations (PSA Group, Ferrovial Services, FIA, FIWARE Foundation).

The 18 selected startups were:

  • Capricode (Finland): Cyber security of connected vehicles in form of automated updates and configurations.
  • X-Motion (France): App that leverages artificial intelligence and smart phone sensors to provide predictive analytics for driving behavior and vehicle management.
  • Go To-U (Ukraine): App for drivers to book the charging EV station at the most convenient time.
  • Discoperi (Spain): Discoperi develops System Eye, able to prevent roads accidents and monetize automotive data thanks to its built Discoperi Blockchain Protocol.
  • Secmotic Innovation (Spain): Awareness and safety system for work zone invasion, which increases safety and controls accessibility in temporary working areas of roads.
  • Safemode (Israel): SafeMode profiles driver behavior Using Big Data & AI algorithms based on Behavioral economics techniques.
  • BeNomad (France): Navigation software tailored to helping companies manage their mobile resources as effectively as possible.
  • 2hire (Italy): 2hire’s technology acts as a gateway enabling the interaction and both standard parameters and non-standard parameters reading.
  • Better World (France): Collect feedback inside the car makers organizations and on the web, analyze these feedback and send the analysis to the car makers organizations.
  • PARQUERY (Switzerland): Parquery analyses images from any camera to detect objects and provide parking managers with real-time answers.
  • Ozone Drive (Spain): Tech-based EV carsharing solutions to address the zero-emissions mobility challenges as an optimized way of transport.
  • Anadue (Ireland): Analytics platform to help Connected Car Service Providers to maximise the value of their realtime data.
  • Newport IMS / Phebe (France): Phebe is a vocal companion providing in-car mobility services and products.
  • Mico Green (Spain): App to save from 10% to 50% on all taxi rides. An efficient marketplace where ride prices are calculated according to supply and demand.
  • Booksonmap (Israel): A geo-culture content layer created by robustic algorithm.The geo-culture content combined of texts,music,TV and AR.
  • Smart Automotive Solutions / Drivvisor (Spain): App-based driving monitoring system that uses the front camera of a smartphone to perform driver distraction and fatigue detection while driving.
  • EAST CODERS / Journify (Spain): Carpooling app for daily commutes, such as going to work or to the university.
  • 25ways (Germany): Provider-independent mobility platform that encourages behavior change towards sustainable mobility options.

The technical bootcamp concluded with a inspirational talk from Olivier Lenz of FIA Region I, who presented some of the cybersecurity problematics in the technological field, and invited the startups to participate at the FIA Startup Challenge.

Six-month acceleration program to disrupt the industry

All the selected startups will receive up to €60,000 in equity-free funding and will now begin a six-month acceleration program led by ISDI (business coaching) and CTAG (technical coaching).

The entrepreneurs will also have access to an international network of more than a hundred recognized mentors as well as founders and investors who are experts in different key areas of knowledge, both in the digital sector and in the automotive industry.

The selected companies will be showcased at top international events organized over the course of the year by 4YFN and Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

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