IMAGO-MOL Cluster solidarity campaign “We’re in this together! Supporting the medical staff to fight COVID-19”

Submitted by Alina Capitanu on 04 April 2020

IMAGO-MOL Cluster, the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and European Union, has launched a solidarity campaign to help its member hospitals, overwhelmed by the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: Emergency County Hospital „Sf. Spiridon" Iasi, Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi, Emergency Clinical Hospital "Prof. Dr. N. Oblu" Iasi, Pneumophtisiology Clinical Hospital Iasi, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Hospital "Elena Doamna" Iasi, Emergency County Hospital "Sf. Ioan cel Nou" Suceava".

In these difficult times, IMAGO-MOL Cluster invites its members, partners, stakeholders, the civil society to join the campaign “We’re in this together! Supporting the medical staff to fight COVID-19” in order to address the most urgent need of the medical staff: protection supplies (gloves, masks, disinfectants, coveralls) and specific medical equipments for Intensive Care Units (i.e. medical ventilators).

IMAGO-MOL makes available its bank account and constitutes a fund destined for the necessary acquisitions where anyone can make cash donations. Please check IMAGO-MOL Cluster webpage or e-mail to imago.mol [at] for further details! Feel free to spread the word on your media channels!

Also, IMAGO-MOL Cluster supports the SMEs from the ecosystem to develop new solutions for protection supplies (medical face visors) and 3D medical ventilators. We have joined European expert meetings on respirators organized by the European Cluster Alliance meetings. The meetings are set up for experts currently leading or being involved in projects developing models that could be used to support hospitals in this time of crisis.

Together we can find solutions to protect the medical staff from COVID 19 contamination and to provide efficient emergency medical services for patients! We are open to collaboration!

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