ICT Cluster Burgas participates in the control board of the newly incorporated Bulgarian Employers' Association Innovative Technologies (BRAIT)

Submitted by clusterburgas on 28 March 2020

On February 5, 2020, the constituent assembly of the Bulgarian Employers' Association Innovative Technologies  (BRAIT), the successor of the Bulgarian Association of Business Clusters, was held in Sofia. The BEАIT aims to support the development and strengthening of its members as organizations of industrial sectors with high added value related to innovative technologies in various sectors. The organization has the ambition to harmonize clusters' policies and work to improve the economic development of its members, in partnership with the government and state institutions.

The initiators for the establishment of the BRАIT are organizations representing the most important industries in Bulgaria: automotive, IT, educational, energy, furniture, marine industry and healthcare sector.

The Constituent Assembly set very clearly the direction in which the BRAIT would work. The organization will be a non-profit purpose and its goals will be:

  • To act as a representative employers' organization at national level for the represented employers;
  • To assist in the development and validation of civil society, civic engagement in economic governance and good management;
  • To assist in the development and affirmation of the real economy based on technique and technology and of education and science in the field of technique and technology;
  • To assist, through innovative technologies, the development of industrial sectors such as clusters, with the aim of achieving the highest type of internal synergy within them and creating strong competitiveness;
  • To assist the development and strengthening of its members as employers' organizations in the high value-added industrial sectors and to harmonize their cluster policies, goals, values and procedures with those of the organization;
  • To partner with and collaborate with the government to define policies, programmes and legislative initiatives related to clusters in the industrial sectors through innovative technologies and added value, their members, represented employers and associated employers, to improve the environment in which they carry on their economic activities;
  • To advice and partner with state institutions in the preparation of investment frameworks, cluster policies and projects regarding the programming periods in the European Union;
  • To assist clusters, its members, the represented employers and associated employers through the development of broad cooperation and exchange of information on common initiatives, responsible and ethical communication between them and their partner organizations;
  • To implement coordination at national level within national and international funding programmes and other funds;
  • To act, on behalf of clusters, its members, represented employers and associated employers, in regulating relations with state and municipal bodies and institutions, implementing joint projects with state and municipal bodies and other non-governmental organizations for the realization of their objectives;
  • Encourage the enhancement of the effectiveness of investments aimed at stimulating innovation and competitiveness, increasing economic growth and creating new workplaces;
  • To popularize actively at home and abroad the policy of the creation and functioning of industries through high technologies and innovations;
  • To initiate the establishment of a network for the exchange of professional experience and information, for the mutual provision of organizational and expert assistance;
  • To encourage intensification of the link "education - science - technology transfer - startups - scaleups - big business - exports";
  • To encourage the establishment and maintenance of useful contacts with business advisory structures in Bulgaria and abroad.

Members - initiators for the establishment of the BRAIT are the following:

  • Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB) Association
  • Bulgarian Furniture Cluster"
  • Cluster Information and Communication Technologies - Burgas Association
  • Cluster Information and Communication Technologies - Plovdiv Association
  • Association Industrial Cluster Srednogorie (ICS)
  • Green Synergy Cluster Association
  • Cluster for Health Tourism Bulgaria Association
  • Cluster Mechatronics and Automation Association
  • Cluster for the Development and Training of Dental and Human Medicine Doctors Association
  • Health Regions Cluster Association
  • Cluster Trakia – education and qualification hub Association
  • Cluster for Horizontally Integrated Technologies and Systems
  • Marine Cluster Bulgaria Association
  • Cluster Information and Communication Technology Foundation
  • Black Sea Energy Cluster Association
  • Renewable Energy Sources Cluster Association
  • Bulgarian Association for Information Technology (BAIT)
  • Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster
  • Cluster Trakia economic zone Association
  • Biotechnology and Health Cluster Association
  • Artificial Intelligence Cluster Bulgaria Association
  • Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASCOM)  Association
  • Consulting Cluster Veritas
  • National Courier Cluster
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