ICT Cluster Burgas with more new members

Submitted by Petko Georgiev on 14 September 2021


Strypes, Solveva and Visiaw will work together with the ICT Cluster for the development of the digital transformation, the IT sector and the talents of Burgas.

The new members Strypes, Solveva and Visiaw share the vision of ICT Cluster-Burgas and will support its future projects and initiatives both at local and regional level.

ICT Cluster Burgas was established in 2016 and already has over 40 members, organizations and institutions. One of the main projects of the Cluster at the moment is the development of the newly created Southeast Digital Innovation Hub, which aims to help SMEs in the region to find suitable experts, advisors and IT solution providers here or in other European countries to help them. define and succeed with their digital transformation.

"The digital ecosystem of Burgas has grown a lot and is fully ready to meet the challenges that Digital Europe will provide us in the 3rd programming period 2021-2027. We are on the threshold of an economic and digital transformation of SMEs in the region and with joint efforts we will achieve remarkable results in this direction, "said Petko Georgiev, Chairman of the ICT Cluster.

Strypes started in Bulgaria in 2008 from scratch. Today the company employs about 370 people. Strypes markets its business model as nearsurance - a combination of niershorning and quality control through the constant presence of Stypes employees in the client's office. When a new customer appears, Strypes sends a representative to the office to find out how the customer works, who makes the decisions, who defines the work processes. You can read more about the secret of Strypes' success in Forbes: Forbes Bulgaria

Solveva is a company founded in 2009 in Zurich - Switzerland with main activity in software development for the needs of the insurance sector. Solveva has experienced teams in its offices in Switzerland, Russia and recently in Bulgaria, which develop a new generation of software for basic processes such as pricing, risk taking and management. The company has extensive experience in maintaining and improving IT solutions. Solveva already has an office in Sofia and is taking a step towards Burgas, offering conditions for working remotely. You can view the announced job positions here: https://solveva.com/#career

Visiaw (from Vision of Law) is a startup of technology lawyers who help big and small businesses grow. In complex regulations and markets in Bulgaria and Europe, they combine experience with technology to help their clients use the law easily and effectively. The company's team of lawyers has partnered with programmers, business consultants and clients from around the world for more than 13 years. Their vision is to make law more accessible by integrating technology and legal expertise. Vision for the law: https://www.visiaw.com/

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