Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

Submitted by Horizon IP Sca… on 26 April 2022


Every April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day globally to highlight the role Intellectual Property (IP) rights play in stimulating innovation and creativity. This year, World IP Day activities focus on "IP and Youth innovating for a Better Future".

The inventive and innovative youth of today have the opportunity to find new and better solutions to today's problems for a brighter future. Their creative minds are transforming current approaches and increasing all of our chances to address some of the significant challenges humanity faces.

World IP Day 2022 offers young people a huge opportunity to join others around the globe and understand how IP can support their ambitions to create a better future. Furthermore, they will have the chance to find out how the tools of the IP ecosystem can help to transform their innovative ideas into reality and how to secure an economic return from them.

All young inventors are encouraged to be involved in this year's campaign to explore how IP can support their endeavours to innovate for a better future.

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