Growing interest in GEN.ERA Genomic Value Chain: New associated partner on board !

Submitted by Alexis Biton on 16 March 2021

GEN.ERA associated partners

GEN.ERA is pursuing its objective of developing a Cluster European Alliance in digital genomics for internationalisation. Pooling significant representatives organisation in the genomic business community.

We are delighted to welcome as associate partners:

  • Cluster Alisei (Italy)
  • Ceinge Advanced Biotechnology (Italy) 
  • Hub Innovazione Trentino (Italy)
  • Medicen (France)

They bring their skills and knowledge to create a vast network allowing their companies to benefit from GEN.ERA internationalisation planned action. 

GEN.ERA Associated Partners gain formal recognition as a partner of the network and as such are included in internal communication receiving information about new activities and developments. As a result, associated partners can identify opportunities for collaboration, gain knowledge and participate in GEN.ERA activities and events. 

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