gi-Cluster welcomes Athens School of Fine Arts as its newest member

Submitted by Julia Phoca on 10 March 2016

Athens, 10 March 2016: gi-Cluster, continues its dynamic expansion and in the framework of its ongoing effort to incorporate all creative forces of the country, it welcomes the Athens School of Fine Arts as a new member. This new addition highlights on gi-Cluster’s dedication to bridge arts with the scientific and technological worlds, in pursuit of developing advanced, state-of-the-art prooducts and services for the international Creative Industries market.

The School of Fine Arts contributes substantially to the social, cultural and economic development of the country, in its areas of specialisation, including as content development, elegance of complex digital images and creative and equal dialogue between science, technology and Art. The cooperation between the gi-Cluster and the Athens School of Fine Arts, also via the joint Master proramme established with the French University Paris 8 (Section Art et Technologie de l 'Image), will offer close and direct partnerships with relevant organisations that active in relevant fields, both in France and among the gi-Cluster ecosystem.

Dr. Manthos Santorineos, Assoc. Professor and Director of the Greek-French Master "Art and Virtual Reality", said: "I am delighted that the Athens School of Fine Arts has been incorporated in gi-Cluster, a dynamic and pinoneering ecosystem. Coupling academic institutions and companies can result in vigorous opportunities for the the creation, production and diffusion of Greek modern culture works in the global market place. We thank the members and the administration of gi-Cluster and Corallia for their warm welcome and we look forward to a fruitful and creative collaboration".


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