German study visit - online- 23/09/2020

Submitted by Gus Verhaeghe on 29 October 2020

On 23 September 2020, the virtual study visit in Germany was organized by Food Processing Initiative. The event was attended by participants from 12 countries and included the following programme and presentations:

Conclusion: The Region OWL is a “hot spot” for digital transformation of industry in Germany based on a strong industry and research structure as well as a close collaboration between relevant actors from industry (food / technology / digital solution providers) and interdisciplinary research.

At Lemgo Innovation Campus TH OWL: Pilot laboratories, machinery / equipment for testing and researchers from all relevant research areas are under “one roof”, building a research, demonstration, and collaboration platform for digital transformation in food technology, therefore establishing an international centre of excellence and evaluation possibilities for new “smart” technologies, products and processes as well as a showroom for experts and the interested public. 

The close collaboration between industry and applied research from the two disciplines food technology and IT solutions enables companies to test products or processes in this living labs before investing in bigger scale. Moreover, it connects the research landscape even better with the needs of the companies as trials can be performed in demonstrators.

The study visit proved that the digital transfomation towards the development of applicable solutions with added-value for food industry, relys on 3 pillars:

  1. Interdisciplinary collaboration
  2. R&D collaboration with industry partners focussed on selected challenges
  3. Living labs (like Smart FOODFACTORY) as space for testing and competence improvement
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