GCA's Implementation Plan

Submitted by Benoit Hozjan on 07 October 2019

GCA is ready to move forward with a strong implementation plan.

This document describes the key elements for the GCA Implementation Plan, respectively the Roadmap and the activities that have to be done in the second phase of the project. 

Obviously, GCA’s Preparatory international actions and implementation plan were both based on the 5 pillars (Pillar 1:  GCA Brand Building/Marketing / Pillar 2: Strategic Partnerships / Pillar 3:  Creation of European Metacluster / Pillar 4: Identification of Smart Venue Projects / Pillar 5: Identification of other Niche Markets) identified in the Internationalisation Strategy . 

-              Objectives of Implementation Plan

The main objectives of the Implementation Plan are:

1) SMEs internalisation skills (including Digital Transformation) have to be reinforced

2) SMEs have to be helped to strengthen the capital of companies (including investment

    approach) and to access specific export funding

3) SMEs competences and innovations on GCA Markets have to be reinforced

4) SMEs have to be supported to find targets in third countries

5) Set up a timetable (2 years) for the realisation of the internationalisation

With the Implementation Plan, the GCA consortium will make a big effort to reach these objectives. A holistic approach will be pursued.

The Implementation Plan can also be downloaded online here: https://www.globalcontentalliance.eu/

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