FURN360 has been validated and presented in the 3rd project transnational meeting

Submitted by Juan José Ortega on 12 March 2019

At the third consortium meeting, which took place on February 27 and 28, hosted by the the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany), the project consortium, made up of six organizations from Belgium, Germany, Spain and Finland, has dedicated this meeting to present the results of the Joint Curriculum validation activity.

The proposed FURN360 Joint Curriculum has been validated by near 20 experts and companies around Europe, through several interviews and one survey. Professionals from businesses associations of the furniture sector, universities, circular economy hubs, chambers of commerce, public authorities, companies of the habitat sector, etc. have been involved in the validation process. In addition, answers have been received from near 10 different European countries, ensuring a wide perspective and a European approach. Conclusions of the validation process shows that the proposed FURN360 Joint Curriculum covers the necessary gaps for a transition to a circular business model in the furniture industry, and that the future e-learning course will be a high beneficial tool for the whole industry.

Moreover, during the meeting project the future e-learning was introduced, analysing their specifications and design. All partners participated in a peer review workshop to avoid any possible duplications and ensure a smooth e-learning experience for future students.

Finally, project partners revise project management issues, such as dissemination activities, quality assurance and financial justifications, with a clear calendar of future activities.

It is planned that all training materials will be ready on October, and the e-learning course, free and open, will be launched on November.

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