Funding opportunity for internationalisation of potential solutions applied on wine value chain

Submitted by Eloi Montcada on 02 August 2022

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Dear ECCP Partner,
The project WICA by EPAWI's (Wine Industry Cluster Alliance / European Partnership for the Auxiliary Wine Industry) main objective focuses on identifying the most urgent needs and challenges for the future of the winegrowing ecosystem to tackle climate change, moving towards circular economy principles and industry 4.0. One of our goals is connecting with cross sectoral clusters (digitalization, agri-food, environmental technologies, circular economy, water, energy and more...) presenting solutions that could be adapted to the wine industry and interested in international development. In fact, another goal of WICA is supporting the international development of European SMEs, and for those not already in the wine sector, helping them to form partnerships with the wine industry.
To achieve this objective, we have created a crowd-writing contest - « The Wine Industry of Tomorrow » - and would like to invite you and your contacts.

Competition context
The first part of our initiative focused on understanding and prioritizing the needs of winemakers – we conducted over 60 interviews and 700 surveys. Based on these results, we were able to prioritize the needs and propose 9 different scenarios representing the main challenges of the sector today. The idea of the contest is that the supplier companies complete these scenarios by integrating their innovative solution.

What are scenarios?
The beginnings of stories representing the main challenges of the wine industry today. Some of the scenarios are clearly related to robotics. e.g. reducing of pesticide use or the lack of personnel for some specific processes such as prunning.

How to complete them?
In 500 words or less, integrate your solution into the continuation of the story Example: “To answer his problem, Antonio (scenario character 1) starts using Solution A (your solution) This allows him to …. And he saved… and improved…..
Your task is to explain how your innovative solution can help the protagonists of the story to meet the challenge described - the "happy ending" of the story, thanks to your technology

And the prize?
European and international visibility; help in finding partners to adapt your solution to the wine industry
Access to up to 3.000€ of funding for international events and business trips

Where to find the scenarios and how to participate?
Click on this link and fill out the form, and complete one or more scenarios by integrating your innovative solutions that can be adapted to the wine industry.

What's next?
A group of experts will analyze the responses of the companies and will award a prize to those who have been able to respond best by offering the most appropriate and successful solutions.

Link to competition —>
Deadline —> September 1st

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