Funding for BioPharma SMEs up to 60k€

Submitted by Kerstin Goos on 02 February 2017

PERMIDES aims at strengthening the competitiveness and foster the innovation potential of Personalized Medicine as an Emerging Industry in Europe by providing key solutions for the reconfiguration of the biopharmaceutical value chain towards a Health Economy 4.0. To do so, PERMIDES will create an collaboration space consisting of workshops, a semantic online matchmaking portal complemented by matchmaking events that will allow biopharma enterprises to identify the most suitable ICT company from the participating clusters.

Pre-registration for interested biopharma and IT SMEs is open now:

As soon as the matchmaking platform is online (expected for March 2017), the biopharmaceutical SME and the ICT partner can jointly tackle an innovation barrier in the value chain using following innovation voucher scheme:


Value (€)

per voucher


Target Group (limits €)

Consultancy Voucher

up to 5.000

A biopharma SME can make use of an individual consultation by an IT SME, regarding a specific challenge in its value chain that could be improved via IT. A Biopharma SME can apply for multiple Consultancy Vouchers. The cumulative amount available via Consultancy Vouchers per Biopharma SME is limited to 12.000€.

Biopharma SMEs

(each SME limited to 12.000)

Innovation Voucher

up to


A biopharma SME will receive a customised IT solution adapted to its specific competitive situation. A Biopharma SME can apply for multiple Innovation Vouchers. The cumulative amount available via Innovation Vouchers per Biopharma SME is limited to 60.000€.

Biopharma SMEs

(each SME limited to 60.000)

Travel Voucher

up to 1.800


up to 200 (national)

Supporting SMEs in taking part in the matchmaking events and workshops offered by the project. Travel Vouchers are differentiated between national and international travels. A Biopharma or IT SME can apply for multiple Travel Vouchers. The cumulative amount available via Travel Vouchers per SME is limited to 6.000€. A Travel Voucher will be awarded to a company, not to a single employee of a company. If a company sends more than one employee to a project-related event, the travel costs for all of these employees have to be added together and applied for via one single Travel Voucher application.

Biopharma SMEs



(each SME limited to 6.000)

Follow-up coaching and transfer activities by the cluster organisations will maximise the effect of around 90 collaborative projects that PERMIDES aims to achieve.

The goal of the voucher-based funding system of PERMIDES is to support biopharma SMEs at establishing fruitful collaborations between the biopharmaceutical and the IT sector in the European region to advance the field of personalised medicine through the development of novel digital solutions. PERMIDES offers both support for matchmaking between biopharma and IT companies as well as financial support for the implementation of innovation projects with participation of companies from both sectors. The total amount of financial support of the PERMIDES voucher scheme is 3,000,000 Euro. Depending on the actual demand of the different types of vouchers, the potential number of different recipients of the voucher scheme ranges from 50 to several hundred. Applications for funding vouchers should be submitted electronically using the web-based PERMIDES Platform. If you are interested in being informed personally about the launch of the PERMIDES platform, please pre-register here:

Cluster organisation
CyberForum e.V.
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