Fourth EU KETs4Dual-Use regional outreach workshop - Tallinn, Estonia

Submitted by Ziga Valic on 01 October 2019

Fourth regional outreach workshop of KETs4Dual-Use project, took place on 20 September 2019 at the Technical University of Tallinn (Taltech).     The workshop, organised by EDIA in collaboration with Taltech, featured speakers from Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD), Taltech and EDIA:   - Estonian MoD presented various possibilites on how to develop and promote dual-use products; - Taltech professor Lauri Kütt made a presentation about Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronic Institute, offering facilities for the companies to test their dual-use products; - EDIA introduced the KETs4Dual-Use project and gave an overview of the ongoing acitivites.   This workshop provided companies, notably SMEs, with an overview of different elements of the triple helix colaboration. The latter enables dual-use companies to better understand the needs of the end-users in order to develop their products in the most efficient way.     KETs4Dual-Use workshop Tallinn  
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