Four European Strategic Cluster Partnerships (ESCP-4i) join forces to boost the internationalisation of 3.100 European SMEs

Submitted by Silvana Sanfe… on 05 April 2019

Four strand 2 ESCP-4is joined forces to boot internationalisation opportunities for European SMEs interested in China!

ESCP-4is MoU

European Cleantech Internationalization Initiative - EC2iMobility Goes International-in Action – MobiGoIn - ActionEuropean Strategic Cluster Partnership for Advanced Smart Packaging - AdPack² and New Frontiers in Food-Fast Forward - NF4 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to share resources, good practices and lessons learned for boosting the internationalisation and support of innovation uptakes primarily to the Chinese and the US markets.

The collaboration of these partnerships started in October 2018 during the official meeting of European ESCPs in Brussels organised by the European Commission. Since then, many virtual collaboration meetings were held and useful resources were shared such as relevant contacts, templates of documents for getting effective feedback from companies, agendas of internationalisation webinars and events, etc. The partnerships have also exchanged good practices and mistakes in order to more effectively support their members towards internationalisation. Furthermore, the power of the newly created network of this ecosystem was leveraged and more SMEs and innovation actors were attracted to participate on joint specialised webinars and other supporting actions.

The newly-born cross-ESCP-4i consortia includes in its structure 20 cluster organisations (Baden Württemberg: Connected e.V.MOV'EOFondazione Torino WirelessMedia Evolution Southern SwedenFoodValleyNLVALORIALWagralimAsociación Clúster Alimentario de GaliciaVitagoraTENERRDISGreen Tech Cluster StyriaSustainable Business HubTWEEDCLEANPackaging Cluster,Nanoprogress z.s.PLASTIWINInovCluster - Associação do Cluster Agroindustrial do CentroBalticNet-PlasmaTec e.V. and Secured Communicating Solutions cluster) reaching more than 3.100 European SMEs.

The idea is to support each other and join forces in supporting competitiveness of European SMEs through internationalisation opportunities and more.

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