foodRegio organizes NEWTRITION X: Innovation Summit Personalised Nutrition

Submitted by Björn P. Jacobsen on 30 July 2018

On 12 September 2018, with a top-class program and exhibition, the first international industry summit on personalised nutrition will take place in Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck, February 2018 - The foodRegio e.V. industry network invites decision makers from the food industry, particularly those working in the innovative fields of development, nutrition, health and wellbeing, to discover the latest findings and the potential of personalised nutrition. Learn from renowned experts in nutritional medicine, the food industry and trend research about the future of healthy eating. Registration is now open at

Prof. Manfred J. Müller from the University of Kiel will question current methods in nutritional science and advocate a groundbreaking new quality based research model that moves away from general dietary recommendations.

Using the microbiome as an example, Prof. Karsten Kristiansen, a molecular biologist at the University of Copenhagen, will examine the role that intestinal bacteria play in a healthy diet.

In addition, Rudi Schmidt, Group Head Precision Medicine at Asklepios Kliniken, will provide an insight into the possibilities and limitations of individualised medicine and examine what the food science industry can learn from these findings.

For Prof. Christian Sina, University of Lübeck, personalised nutrition is no longer a distant vision of the future. He will identify which personal data and information contribute to a personalised diet and how this potential can be harnessed.

Joana Maricato, Research Manager at New Nutrition Business, will discuss the key drivers behind this “important and strong-performing trend,” and provide guidance regarding how the food industry can meet consumer demand for customised products and services.

Dr. Jo Goossens, shiftN, will outline a future scenario in which personalised nutrition could help to increase freedom and self-determination.

Dominik Burziwoda, founder of Perfood and the “MillionFriends” program, which offers personalised dietary recommendations based on personal data, dietary habits, biomarkers and microbiome analysis, will show participants how to take the first steps towards a personalised diet.

Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation, will investigate how the food sector can shape the future of nutrition. In particular, he’ll address the conversion of microbiome research into feasible concepts and the importance of consumer education.

Moreover, Achim Sam, nutritionist and author, will introduce a novel nutritional concept —The "Deutschlank" — an online coaching program based on three personal nutritional types.

The NEWTRITION X. Innovation Summit will be hosted by Yong-Seun Chang-Gusko, Professor of Health and Social Management, FOM Hamburg. The supporting program, in which speakers and sponsors will present their activities at information stands, offers an opportunity for an open exchange.

The one-day event will take place on 12 September 2018 from 10:00–17:00 in the media docks in Lübeck. Further information and registration information can be found at

About foodRegio e.V.The cornerstone for the North German industry network of the food industry was laid in 2005 with the merger of 14 companies in the region of Lübeck. In 2007, the foodRegio e.V. was founded. The association currently has 74 active member companies and institutions. Through events, working groups and further training offers, the member companies are supported in networking with each other. The aim of the association is also to strengthen the competitiveness of foodRegio companies and to establish the region of Northern Germany as an attractive location. Further information:

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