Food, Photonics & Packaging Events in 2020

Submitted by [email protected] on 20 December 2019

In order to address challenges within the food and packaging industries such as prevention of food waste, improvement and assurance of quality and shelf life of food, FoodpackLab encourages the collabroation between food processing, packaging and photonics clusters within the EU.

The programme focuses on cross-sectorial collabroation and fosters the exchange of experience and building of new partnerships between different stakeholders. To accomplish our mission, we are always looking for new international partners to connect clusters, companies and R&D centres working in the food, packaging and photonics industry. International events, trade fairs, conferences are a good option to meet new strategic business partners and to keep up to date about the latest trends in the industries. Therefore we provide an overwiev of the upcoming international food, photonics & packaging events in 2020.

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