The Flying Farmer using drones to revolutionise agriculture in Africa

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 30 May 2022


Femi Adekoya, also known as the flying farmer, is revolutionizing Nigeria’s agriculture by giving drone-powered solutions to commercial and smallholder farmers.
If you had to farm a large expanse of land, irrigating and spraying for over 8hours carrying a heavy solution in a backpack while walking the whole farm, all to protect the crop from pests and diseases, would you be able to make accurate calculations? Imagine that even when you are done with the laborious work, you are not sure if the right quantity is applied at the appropriate section.
All you did was to make sure each plant is adequately reached and you pray that somehow the gods of the earth will come to your aid and do their work this time around at least you might just be lucky not to lose as much as you did the other time. Certainly, the guesswork has been the magic that has helped many commercial and smallholder farmers in Africa for an extended period of time.

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