Flyer ClusterXchange

Submitted by Veronica Elena Bocci on 21 May 2020

The Flyer devoted to ESCP-4X (including EXXTRA) and the "ClusterXchange" pilot scheme we will manage is ready!

Discover more on our contribution to more collaboration among European clusters and ecosystems devoted to Railway technologies and Multimodality through this new European instrument - the "ClusterXchange" - that on the experience of EYE (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs) will build new connections between Host Organisations (Clusters, SMEs, Universities, laboratories, and scale-up organisations such as Accelerators, Incubators, Fab-labs, Digital Innovation Hubs, etc.) and Visiting Organisations (Clusters, SMEs, scale-up organisations) aimed at - e.g. - technologica transfer for development of new ideas, mentoring on key competences for own development, development of joint ideas, joining forces for business collaboration, etc.. 

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