Flemish study visit - online- 25/09/2020

Submitted by Gus Verhaeghe on 28 October 2020

On 25 September 2020 the virtual study visit in Flanders was organized by Flanders’ FOOD.

The event was attended by participants from 6 countries and included the following programme and presentations:

Flemish living labs in the picture


The 3 living labs that presented their activities and key infrastructures showed that industry 4.0 technologies are available that have potential to become implemented in the agri-food value chain. However it became clear that the nice technologies cannot be implemented as such in the food processing sector without any adaptation and customization. Sensor systems only become smart with the right modelling software and algorithms and after an intense training period. The food sector has very specific and stringent requirements towards the use of technologies (e.g. it’s fancy to have a robot, but can this robot be cleaned in a proper way…?). The Flemish innovation ecosystems has at least 3 organizations that apply to the requirements of living lab in the Connsensys scope.

Cluster organisation
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