First EU KETs4Dual-Use regional outreach workshop - Marseilles, France

Submitted by Ziga Valic on 12 March 2019

OPTITEC, as the project coordinator, had the privilege to host the first regional outreach workshop of the KETs4Dual-Use partnership on 6 March 2019 in Marseilles, France.

Besides becoming familiar with project activities and the support it provides to European dual-use actors, participants also had the opportunity to discover the results of the ecosystems mapping and survey carried out in the first month of the project.

Representatives of partner organisations Anu Eslas (Estonian Defense Industry Association), Laure Quintin (Minalogic) and Anders Laustsen (CenSec - Center for Defence, Space & Security) presented their ecosystems and met with OPTITEC's actors in the field of security and defence.

With a great mix of participants representing SMEs, mid-caps and prime contractors, this first regional KETs4Dual-Use workshop acted as a forum for sharing experience and discussing the challenges of entering dual-use markets outside the EU, while also networking in the view of upcoming European defence fund calls.

Workshop presentations can be dowloaded in the K4DU documents depository.

K4DU defence & security workshop in Marseilles (OPTITEC, Minalogic, CenSec, EDIA)
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