Submitted by Jean-Michel DUMAZ on 21 December 2017

Welcome to the Fire-In project, which covers the thematic domain of fire and rescue. Cluster SAFE from France is the coordinator of the Fire-In project.

The Fire-In H2020 consortium has developed a methodology that aims to support the identification of practitioner’s expectations regarding the uptake of research and innovation solutions and standardisation relevant to the thematic domain of fire and rescue. For the project, the definition of a practitioner is “somebody that is involved in preparatory, supporting or operational tasks within the scope of the FIRE and RESCUE discipline”. Over the 5 years of the project (May 2017 to May 2022), several collaborative activities involving a large panel of fire and rescue experts from all over Europe will identify and analyse information based on a practitioner’s perspective of the main capability gaps and challenges within this domain. Therefore, the FIRE-IN partners invite any interested practitioner’s organisation, cluster or individual to take part in the initiative as Associated Experts, in order to participate to the different workshops and discussions that will occur during the project.

If you are interested in participating in this project and becoming an Associated Expert as well as attend the workshops, please complete the information found on the following link

Deadline: 11 february 2018 

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