A financial tool for SMEs, scaling-up organisations and cluster to build European collaborations through exchanges

Submitted by Katherina Ulrich on 11 February 2022


2022 is the last year for the Blues project, to propose to SME, scaling-up organizations or clusters, financial support to travel in Europe and build collaborations

In order to build strong collaborations between European actors, the Blues project is managed until the end of the year, a European tool named ClusterXchange pilot. This Xchange programme provides a framework to initiate “matches” between European SMEs, scaling-up organisations and clusters regarding business, innovation or skills improvement.

The concept is easy, a host welcomes one or several visitors for at least 3 working days. The visitor(s) can benefit from financial support for travel and accommodation costs.

Blues project aims to specifically support the exchanges in the frame of Blue and Eco-industries economy, but the exchanges can cover also any other sector.

You are working in an SME, a cluster or a scaling-up organization and you are interested in becoming a host or a visitor? You are looking for an SME as a potential distributor of your technology in another EU country? You are a technological centre looking for EU SMEs to transfer knowledge?

Do not hesitate to contact us to have more information and to directly register on the online platform where potentials partners are already available to build collaborations: https://clusterxchange.clustercollaboration.eu/

Host and visitors witness their experience within the frame of BluesXchange:

The Blues project is financed by the European Commission through the COSME programme to manage the BluesXchange pilot and to foster collaboration along with Europe.

Contact: Katherina ULRICH (BNPT)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +49 3834 550105

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