Final Report - Regional Project - Traceability,Certification and Anti-counterfeiting of Made in Italy fashion products

Submitted by Stefano Miotto on 26 November 2021

The project was born with the aim of creating a framework of activities and achieving results which can be summarized in three points:
1. the development of a collaboration between the university world and companies in the Fashion world, through workshops conducted by the 4 Venetian universities in which the issue of traceability is addressed with a view to sustainability, in order to arrive at the creation of suitable models and tools to support companies and the research / creation of an innovative TAG to be applied to the fashion sectors with well-defined and particular needs;
2. the introduction and expansion of an innovative traceability system for the products of companies in the Fashion sector, closely connected to products certified nationally by an authoritative body;
3. the creation of innovative methods to communicate the traceability of certified products and to enhance, through an innovation marketing action, the solution adopted, with the aim of reaching the final consumer and therefore also adopting a new model of business.
Here is the report at the end of the project.

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