Feeding and Greening Megacities

Submitted by Marga Vintges on 15 February 2018

The subject Feeding and Greening Megacities was presented at the 9th European Innovation Summit in Brussels

Trends in the world:

Grow of the polulation of the world.

Urbanisation: 75% will live in (mega)cities

These people need healthy food and a healthy environment

Healthy food means circulair production

A healthy city is a green city

Dutch horticulture has solutions to share: 

European consumers are main market for Dutch producers

‐Smart logistics

 Number 1 in knowledge and innovation

‐Greenhouse production technology, experienced growers

‐CO2 reduction, efficient water usage, energy production

‐Healthy food as ‘medicine’, life science

 Share Dutch business model with Europe and megacities in the world

‐Including implementation

‐Hybrid solutions (more production solar greenhouses AND new high-tech greenhouses at the same time)

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