EXXTRA ClusterXchange Scheme

Submitted by Veronica Elena Bocci on 03 June 2020

The EXXTRA Partners have adopted the Plan describing how the "EXXTRA ClusterXchange" will look like in terms of:

  • Topical / Technological focus of the EXXTRA CXC
  • Target Visiting Organisations
  • Possible Host Organisations per Partners' ecosystem
  • CXC Management structure
  • Modalities of collaboration with ECCP
  • Welcome Packs for the Visiting Organisations.

The launch of the EXXTRA ClusterXchange scheme will take place after Summer 2020, according to the new schedule defined by the ECCP Support Office for CXC.

*The Plan is uploaded below without the "Welcome Packs" since their size is much larger of max MB allowed by this platform.

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