Expression of interests for subcontractor launched by the EU COSME Project TRACE-KEI

Submitted by Daniela Kostova on 11 May 2017

Trace-Kei project (Transnational Cooperation Empowering Key European Industries),… seeks submissions from suitably qualified trainers for the provision of a classroom based training course in Cluster Excellence Management. This is an open procedure regarding the training of cluster managers in the specific fields of Industry Analysis and strategic segmentation, business planning, value-chain analysis and cluster branding.

The training modules will be devoted to provide the proper methodology to develop cluster strategic plans and strengthening support services design and improvement for the associates’ benefits. Teaching modules will be complemented with best practices and case studies in order to ease the practical understanding and enable interactive discussion on the challenges of cluster management to unfold. It is essential that the training providers have considerable knowledge and experience in the 4 training modules required by the consortium. The desired outcomes shall support cluster managers in leveraging associates’ strengths at a national and international level, creating new and lasting frameworks for the long-term sustainability and relevance of their cluster and empowering individual skills in cluster excellence management. The training will be organized in two sessions.

The training providers shall clearly select just one of following strands and the related module, when apply.Session 1 – Joint training on developing cluster strategic plans This strand is aimed at giving the TRACE-KEI cluster managers a deeper Knowledge on industry analysis and Value-chain analysis. The training foresees has to cover the following modules. Module 1: Industry analysis, strategic segmentation and market foresight (6 hours)

Module 2: Value-chain analysis (6 hours)

The session 1 will take place in Bari, Italy, in the period from 28 to 30 June 2017 for an overall duration of maximum 2 days. The total cost for these 2 modules is quoted € 1.500,00. D.A.Re. shall be in charge of the reimbursement of the trainers fees, travelling and accommodation costs.

Session 2– Joint training on strengthening support services

Module 1B: Business Planning (8 hours)

Module 2B:

Cluster Branding (4 hours)

The session 2 will take place in Budapest, Hungary, in February 2018 for an overall duration of 1,5 day. The total cost for this module is quoted € 1.500,00. Innoskart shall be in charge of the reimbursement of the trainers fees, travelling and accommodation costs.

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