The evolution of AEICE and its partners in social networks

Submitted by ENRIQUE COBREROS on 24 August 2018

More than 10 years ago, it was unimaginable that social networks such as Twitter or Instagram could become the key to communication and business on the Internet. However, at present, its relevance is such that people around the world spend more than 22% of their time on the internet on social networks.

Social networks not only serve to contact acquaintances, friends and family, but have also become an essential tool for large companies and SMEs.

Social Media Managers and Community Managers are gaining importance, and more and more companies are deciding to create their own profiles in social networks, so that they can reach their customers more effectively and in a more sectorized way.

In AEICE we are proud to keep the community and our partners informed since December 2014 through Twitter and since September 2016 through the Instagram “Contract Duero”. After almost four years and more than 3000 publications on Twitter, more than 100 publications on Instagram in less than a year and, above all, thanks to our partners and followers, we have achieved the goal of 1000 followers on both social networks. Thanks to all those that have made it possible.

Some of the most representative activities in which we have worked together with our partners for the last twelve months, and that have allowed us to grow and spread through all of AEICE’s social networking channels have been: Bimtecnia 2017; A3R workshops held in different cities; conferences on Construction 4.0, Lean, sustainable rehabilitation, energy efficiency, innovation, digitization, Contract and Circular Economy; attendance at events such as Interhotel in Barcelona, ​​Design Week in Valladolid and the holding of events such as Inspiring Stories by Duero Douro or the AEICE Enfoca-2 Efficient Challenge, aimed at attracting talent.

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