European Clusters launch a foodservice and packaging trends ebook

Submitted by Serena Rebollo… on 02 November 2021

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European project Safe Smart Food is launching its reference eBook, which discusses main trends and challenges in the Foodservice and Packaging sectors worldwide. The book includes the main insights and summarized information of the 6 webinars carried out by experts throughout the project, and its creation is one of the main outputs of the European project, which has gathered good practices from 4 European countries: Spain, Austria, Lithuania and Latvia.

The eBook is addressed to project clusters’ members and to all clusters’ members at international level who might be interested in reading and having it.

The process of creating this eBook began with an internal analysis of the main current trends in the foodservice and packaging sector. Once they were identified, the project members organized 6 webinars starting on February 2021, combining two different areas: clusters’ capabilities (ESCA Label System) and some specialized training areas (such as shared value, promoting entrepreneurship etc…). The goal of the webinars was to understand the main challenges in the foodservice and packaging sectors and so the clusters could acquire the proper skills to address them.

The 6 topics covered both in the webinars and in the eBook are:

  1. Excellence in cluster management (ESCA Label System)
  2. Promoting entrepreneurship in the cluster ecosystem
  3. Shared value across clusters
  4. How to make your cluster more profitable with digitalization
  5. How to adapt clusters to the main trends and challenges in the food sector
  6. Nutrition and Health as a cornerstone of the food sector

In order to take the best out of the webinars’ content, the members of the project have developed this eBook, which summarizes the main insights of each webinar and is now available to be downloaded for all members of consortium’s clusters and other clusters and its members as well.

The Safe Smart Food project is made up of 5 clusters from 4 EU countries, which have joined forces to promote the internationalization of associated clusters and its members. The objectives of the project are to strengthen collaboration between clusters and improve their management capacity to create the conditions for a favourable ecosystem in the agri-food sector to drive innovation, competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs and offer them an integrated service program based on excellence.


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