Submitted by Sonia Descoins on 13 February 2020

The final event of EU-TEXTILE2030 project open up the way for the next step

The programme allowed the organisation of five international missions in Colombia, South Africa, Israel, Japan and Taiwan to help their members to sell their innovative products in new markets and help them to identify partners capable of supplying innovative technologies. The 7 textile clusters involved in the programme were: ATEVAL – leader of the project and AEI TEXTILE (Spain), TECHTERA and EURAMATERIALS (France), POINTEX (Italia), CLUTEX (Czech Republic), SACHSEN!TEXTIL (Germany).

As part of the EU-TEXTILE2030 inter-cluster project, Techtera organised the closing event of this two-year project.

The event took place in Lyon area, on the cradle of textile innovations, on November 20 and 21, 2019.

The Final Event began by a dinner in the skyroom of Grand Lyon (local authorities of the Lyon City) to promote networking between members of partner clusters on November 20, 2019. It gave the opportunity to share experiences and information with all the textile clusters involved in the project.

The second day took place at ICBMS (Institute of Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry) based in the heart of the biggest university campus of Lyon.

Different interventions were forecasted. The regional policy maker of Auvergne Rhone Alpes Region, Elisabetta SCHENA, gave us an overview of the different initiatives to promote area’s knowhow. The delegate of the strategic committee of fashion and Luxury, Frederique GERARDIN, allowed us to have a great vision on the national strategy implemented on the fashion and luxury sector. Eric STURM, Project Manager at Carnot institutes presented the CARATS NETWORK mobilized to serve the fashion and luxury sector in order to generate and stimulate innovation within its companies. Enrico Venturini introduced TEX4IM, the European textile clusters for industrial modernisation.

The coordinator of EU-TEXTILE2030 project, Julia VERCHER (from ATEVAL textile innovation cluster) returns to the successes met during the various collective missions on targeted five countries: Colombia, South Africa, Israel, Japan and Taiwan.

A round table was organised to give the floor to stakeholders from the project and share the feedback from manufacturers such as Jet Metal represented by Sales Director, Sébastien FOURNERON, and textile clusters such as the Spanish AEI TEXTIL cluster represented by Ariadna DETRELL. Steve KAY (member of External Advisory Board) and Felipe CARRASCO TORRES from ARTEVAL both expressed their shared vision on the goal of clusters in the internationalisation of SMEs and industrial key actors.

The morning concluded with the follow-up to the EU-TEXTILE 2030 project and the launch of the new European Economic Interest Grouping, headed by Felipe CARRASCO TORRES from ATEVAL (president of the new programme).

The afternoon was dedicated to the visit of the 3DFAB platform, the French innovative technological platform dedicated to academic and private innovation through 3D printing, in the field of health.

All partners of EU-TEXTILE2030 programme have expressed their motivation to create the GIEE and continue their actions.

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