EU-ALLIANCE project goes to Indonesia. Three days in Jakarta.

Submitted by Giulia Barbagelata on 01 February 2023


On the 30th of January, our consortium, together with selected members from our clusters, had the first day of the mission in Jakarta. Taking place in Sumatra Room at Hotel Shangri La, the day started early and bright with a presentation of the objectives of EU-ALLIANCE and its teams by our coordinator, Julie RAFTON-JOLIVET from TECHTERA, and the mission organizer, Peter Huis in 't Veld from Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security.

On the 31th of January, we started the more exchange-focus part, between #European and #Indonesian companies.
The morning was opened by Mrs Julie RAFTON-JOLIVET and Mr Peter Huis in 't Veld who introduced the project and the delegation, with presentation of the consortium and participating clusters. After that, the companies attending presented themselves, starting with Aratos Systems BV and Comec Innovative SRL, PRONEEM, VirHealth, BeDamCo, from Europe, and, Parabellum, PT VENAMON and PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk (SRITEX) and Group, from Indonesia. In the afternoon we had TNO, H3Dynamics and Vonk, from the European side, and Haratex and #RYCA UTAMA (Explorer Cases Indonesia), for the Indonesian side.

The last day was the most industrially relevant, because we had the #matchmaking between European and Indonesian companies. 15 minutes meetings were organized upon request between the attendees in order to have time to #pitch the major potential commonalities and future actions.

They were very intense days full of exchanges and opportunities!

➡️Stay tuned to know for future missions and follow our EU-ALLIANCE page.

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