EPICENTRE: We present the EPICENTRE project in the webinar "Internationalization of innovation"

Submitted by Joan Puate Puy on 22 May 2023

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Núria Serra, Project Manager of the Clúster Digital de Catalunya, presented today the EPICENTRE European project in the webinar "Internationalization of innovation: Opportunities for SMEs through cascade Financing projects".
The event, organized by MetaIndustry4, was developed as an activity within the Asturias Digital Innovation Hub project and was attended by more than 30 people. The aim of this meeting was to show all the details of how the EuroClusters calls work and what are the benefits for SMEs, being an interesting way of internationalizing their innovation. For this reason, the event has focused on disseminating 3 Euroclusters projects, which have currently an open call: CircInWater, Sillicon Europe and EPICENTRE.
On the one hand, CircInWater which objective is to develop and implement business support measures that address the lack of smart water solutions, targeting the European agrifood and energy intensive industries. On the other, Silicon Europe, that aims to achieve greater European self-sufficiency, with increased competitiveness in the electronics value chain, with a focus on SMEs.
Regarding EPICENTRE, a project coordinated by the Digital Cluster, Núria explained its purpose of creating new value chains between SMEs / Startups, Clusters and large European companies in the ICT, Fintech, Health and Agrifood sectors. He highlighted that the first call for SMEs and Startups is currently open, and it consists of providing an innovative solution to a challenge defined by a leading European company participating in the project. She also explained the requirements to participate, the 3 phases of the Acceleration Program and the EPICENTRE Academy and the funding support that can be received.
Núria emphasized that the deadline for submitting a proposal is May 29 at 5 p.m., and it must be done through this link: https://epicentre.idconsortium.com/
The projects of the Euroclusters contribute to the implementation of the New Industrial Strategy for Europe, as well as the Strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe.

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