ENRICH in the USA Ecosystem Showcase series

Submitted by enrich_usa on 17 July 2020

ENRICH in the USA is proud to present the U.S. Ecosystem Showcase series featuring ENRICH US Soft Landing Centers and Hubs. These virtual half-day industry-focused events will consist of reverse pitches by three US Ecosystems followed by individual meetings. Each U.S. ecosystem will be represented by industry and university experts, seed investors, and city/state representatives to give an overview of the market potential, their infrastructure, and the investment funds available for European innovators. Selected entrepreneurs (by each U.S. ecosystem) will then have the opportunity through one-on-one meetings to pitch and receive feedback from the ecosystem experts and investors. Each U.S. ecosystem will award €500 to the venture that has the best overall chance of success in their region.  

Featured sectors for each showcase include:

  • Tech4Good which brings tech and social impact sectors together (July 8)
  • Smart City including public safety, transportation, buildings, and utilities management sectors (July 28)
  • AgriFood covering technologies from food production to distribution, and retail (August 25)
Following each event, additional webinars will be developed by participating ecosystem experts focused on specific topics of interest identified by the participants during each showcase.Presentation Content:
  • Industry overview and opportunities
  • Incentives and funding available for EU companies
  • Soft Landing and University collaboration opportunities
Meetings Include:
  • One-on-one audience with key ecosystem stakeholders, university experts, and seed investors
  • Identification of which US region has more opportunities for your business
  • €500 award for the top 3 ventures
  To learn more about the ENRICH in the USA Ecosystem Showcase click here
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