The Energy Cluster of Catalonia has been awarded with the Gold Label from the European Clusters Labelling Excellence Structure, which recognizes excellence in cluster management

Submitted by Francesc Ribera on 27 April 2022


The Energy Cluster of Catalonia has recently received the Gold Label, the highest recognition given by the European Clusters Labelling Excellence Structure (EUCLES).

The European Clusters Labelling Excellence Structure awards those clusters which have proven high standards in cluster management and scored highly in EUCLES’s assessment

Nowadays, only a hundred in 2500 European clusters have been awarded with this certificate.

Having been examined by taking into consideration up to 31 indicators, such as structure, governance, funding, goals, strategies and services, the cluster managed to score 85 points out of 100.

This assessment has included a rigorous documental analysis of different aspects related to the cluster’s management as well as lined-up interviews with cluster members made by two independent experts in the field.

The application process involved ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness. Catalonia is currently one the regions with more clusters that hold this certificate, coming up to 10.

A formal ceremony will take place on behalf of EUCLES and the Catalan Government in order to hand over the certificate and recognise all clusters that obtained it.

The Energy Cluster of Catalonia was born in 2008 as part of an initiative of 10 founding members and it currently has more than 180 members. The main goal of the CEEC is to boost the ongoing energetic transition process and help reaching the environmental objectives, by coming up with initiatives which may improve all members’ competitiveness and help them out in identifying and approaching new business opportunities in areas such as innovation, internationalisation and training.

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