Ending our mission to Chile - Day 4

Submitted by CUTULLIC Samuel on 28 November 2022

Ending our mission to Chile

It was very interesting to meet a #end-user sector of drones technology: SmartField INIA , stanley best, Líder del Grupo de Especialidad Agricultura Digital.
And compagnies that are trying to bring drones technology to agriculture monitoring, Instacrops Inc (YC S21), or developing a drone in box for 24h #surveillance purpose, MindLabs , Ricardo Valdes
Thanks again to Asociación Chilena del Espacio AG, Loreto Moraga and Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile A.G. for this last lunch networking. It was so nice to meet of all you.
Finally, our last visit was to Rotortec at Helipuerto Santiago. Very nice #fleet of helicopters and some future projects to develop drones services. Thank you so much Francisco Fluxá Hernández for the trip above the Andes. Amazing!
For more information : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/prestigious-drones_mission-chili-day4-ac…

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