ELBE Alliance celebrates a webinar to present the market reports of Wave&Tidal energy in USA and Canada

Submitted by Ander González on 28 May 2021


The 20th of May, ELBE Alliance celebrated a webinar to present the ocean energy market reports generated in the project to the members of the alliance. The ELBE Alliance presented the three market reports focused on the Wave&Tidal sectors: USA wave energy market report, Canada tidal energy market report and Wave Energy Converter (WEC) and Tidal Energy Converter (TEC) list of global developers. The first two reports are market oriented, giving detailed insights of the both markets and their regulation, resources, market outlook, ongoing and planned projects, R&D investment and key stakeholders in wave and tidal sectors, respectively. The third market report is focused on a list and characteristics of the WEC and TEC developers active in the global market.

One of the main objectives of ELBE Alliance is to develop specific and useful market reports that provide differential competitive intelligence to European companies, helping them to identify business and internationalisation opportunities in the Blue Energy sector. Through this webinar, the ELBE Alliance has presented these market reports to more than 60 participants, all of them European entities and members of the alliance., with the focus in this case to the companies related to the ocean energy sector.

The webinar lasted about two hours, where OffshoreVäst (the Wave&Tidal WP leader) moderated the session and the expert consultancy that has developed the market reports presented an exclusive and shortened version of the complete market reports. The webinar also served to prepare the future business missions planned in the project (to the USA on wave energy and Canada on tidal), asking for feedback via a survey about the preferred event/conference to attend in the framework of the mission and the preferred key players to meet during these missions. The survey was a success and it made visible the interest of the European companies on attending these missions to USA and Canada.

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