The EIC is looking for partners within the European Innovation Ecosystem

Submitted by Catarina M on 10 May 2022


Are you an accelerator, incubator, a research and technology institution or any other organisation working within the European Innovation Ecosystem? The European Innovation Council is looking for partners to provide services to EIC-funded innovators! By becoming an EIC Partner, you can boost your own visibility on a European level and gain access to the most promising projects, technologies, and companies on the EIC portfolio.

Through the new EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support programme, the EIC will help its funded projects and companies to access the services and resources of a network of sector-specialized partners. The programme will also support innovators on their fundraising journey, by providing training and investor matchmaking. In exchange for providing services to EIC-funded innovators (or EIC beneficiaries), the EIC Partners will gain access to a database of over 6000 EIC-funded companies and 430 research teams across Europe.

Who can apply?

• Private venture builders, accelerators and incubators.

• Public regional or national innovation organizations or accelerators.

• Technology parks, research infrastructures and other research and technology organizations.

• Other service providers and corporate accelerators.

Find out more about the call for partnerships here:…

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