The EC visits MIDWOR-LIFE project in Terrassa

Submitted by Ariadna Detrell on 13 July 2018

On July 6th, the European Commission visited the project MIDWOR-LIFE during its latest monitoring visit along with the IDOM-NEEMO monitoring team. AEI TÈXTILS, as project coordinator, welcomed Mr. Manuel Montero, project adviser at EASME – the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises from the European Commission, and Ms. Irune Osés from IDOM-NEEMO, the monitoring team subcontracted by the EC. The meeting was held in Terrassa, at LEITAT Technological Center facilities.

During the meeting, each partner presented the status of the actions they are leading as well as the planning for the latest stages of the project that will be completed by the end of August 2018. In addition, LEITAT Technological Center organized a lab tour around the different facilities used during the MIDWOR-LIFE project.

Major developments presented since the last meeting were the completion of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the different DWOR chemistries and the release of the third newsletter of the project.

The LCA major outcome is the demonstration of the environmental mitigation when using fluorine-free chemistries with over 10-fold reduction of their environmental impact when compared to fluorinated chemistries like C8 or even C6 and analogous.


The third newsletter highlighted the different activities during the lasts months, including the project final event held in Brussels, the Layman’s report publication, the web tool launch in the project website to facilitate companies’ self-assessment of the environmental impact of the different DWORs and the publication of several technical reports from the project.

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